treat cleanse, week one



Uh, fail?


Week One of my Treat Cleanse did not go as well as I hoped last Friday. Treats were consumed Sunday through today. But, in my defense { really, just to make myself feel better about the nine pieces of cookie dough I consumed on Tuesday }, I had quite the intense cold all week. { Make an emergency trip to Walgreens on Sunday night in my pajamas for NyQuil, DayQuil, Vick’s, and Burt’s Bees. Proceed to make another emergency trip to Walgreens Monday morning for nasal spray and Kleenex. Sleep almost all day Monday and sleep for FIFTEEN HOURS Monday night. Finally make it to work and class on Wednesday, finally breathe out of both nostrils on Friday. } My body was tired all week, and it was hard to focus on schoolwork or work up the energy to do laundry or wash dishes. My appetite had been almost nonexistent, so when something sounded good { like nine pieces of cookie dough }, I ate it.

So, this week I am giving the Treat Cleanse another go. My roommate Helaina is joining me, and I am excited to have a bud to tackle this with. We have decided to use “treat coupons,” which will be “good” for one treat each Sunday through Saturday. Corny? A bit, yes. But I think these coupons will encourage Helaina and I to be thoughtful on what treats we consume this week. Is the packaged, processed Lunchbox Cookie worth a coupon? Or the local, made-from-scratch Creme Brûlée Cupcake?

Below is a quick recipe for what I began my day with every day this past week – it is soothing for the throat and, for me, a great pick-me-up!

Abby’s Favorite Sick Remedy { or Everyday Drink! }

1 spoonful raw honey

2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar

12+ ounces water

–> In a hot-liquid-safe glass or mug, add honey and vinegar. Pour in hot water, stir until honey is dissolved, and drink hot.