When I first hear the word “oasis,” thoughts of a place of beauty, peace, tranquility, hope, sunlight, and green come to mind. It seems like such a peaceful word; after all, an oasis can be a life-saver, a point of hope, in the desert. But my oasis? My oasis would be: Oasis Falafel Restaurant in Iowa City. For lunch on Saturday, my Dad, Gayle, and I ventured to Oasis to grab ourselves some good ‘ol Mediterranean cuisine. Falafel, that is. Fa-la-ful. What is falafel? I was asking myself that same question. My dad and Gayle had tried to explain it to me, but I just wasn’t getting it. Was it a sandwich? Bread? A patty-type thing? When it was time to order at the restaurant (they call it a “joint”),  I finally asked my dad to order for me because I was so confused. I waited at the table, excited (and to be honest, a bit fearful) about this mysterious falafel. The waiter brought us our food, and once I saw it, I knew I was hooked. So here’s what it was: My dad ordered me a pita sandwich (think pita bread), which contained falafel. Falafel is ground chickpeas + spices that have been molded into balls or mounds. They are then flash-fried (at Oasis, they use trans-fat free soybean oil that is GMO free and low in saturated fat!). But the pita sandwich doesn’t stop there. Inside the pita, besides the falafel, is cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and Oasis’ homemade hummus. There are other toppings, too, like pickled cabbage and different sauces. Yum! It was a satisfying, delicious new food experience. It is so exciting to find unique & funky places like the Oasis Falafel Joint. And so, I found myself a new food oasis. Maybe not a life-saver, but certainly close :)

Check out Oasis here.

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