it’s july!


July? Already?! The summer is going by faaaast. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so I thought I’d do some catch up! During June, I was Miss Lazy and did a whole lot o’ nothing (i.e., watching seasons of Grey’s Anatomy). I did participate in Winning Edge, the speed and agility camp at my high school, and go on some runs, but other than that I have been having “down time.” I usually feel guilty when I have down time and nothing to do..but my dad brought up a good point that that is what summer is for: relaxation. But, now July is here, and my schedule is jam-packed!! For the Fourth, my dad, his girlfriend (Gayle), and I drove up to Wisconsin to spend the weekend at our friend’s cabin. It was a nice weekend, and it was fun to see some people who I haven’t seen in years! Road trip = unhealthy gas station food/fast food joints. BUT no fear! I am always prepared with my “emergency food.” Emergency food = easy, portable, healthy snacks or quick put-together meals that I am comfortable eating on the road or whenever I’m away from home. That way, I am in charge of what I eat. My emergency food usually consists of: apples, bananas (and other fresh fruit), prunes, dates, mixed nuts, Lara Bars (and other protein/nutrition bars like Clif or Luna), a jar of peanut butter, raw veggies (if I know a refrigerator will be available), a loaf of whole-grain bread, smoked turkey breast, sliced cheese, and spinach for sandwiches (again, if a refrigerator is present, otherwise I pack a cooler with ice), whole-grain crackers and cereal, instant oatmeal, and WATER bottles. It may sound like a lot, but I like to have options! I can make some oatmeal (hot water is usually everywhere, and you can make it right in the pouch!) for breakfast and a quick turkey or peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Plus, packing your own food is a lot cheaper than spending money at gas stations at every stop! Do you have any “emergency food” in your car, or reliable, quick grab-n-go foods in your house when you need to bolt out the door?

More of my busy July: this week I started run-togethers with the cross-country team. I am SO excited to begin running with the team; running alone gets boring after a while. Plus, it’s nice to have more motivation! Today was my first run with the team, and it was great! We only ran two miles, but it was one of the better runs I’ve had in a while; it was a great mood-lifting run. We finished off the practice with some barefoot striders in the grass. The girls had a nice stretch together after (we DO practice with the boys team, but the coaches sometimes like to separate us so we don’t get feisty (: )…team bonding! Since the seniors weren’t there today, the juniors were the leaders. It’s our job to..lead (ha) and help the younger girls feel welcome. After the stretch, most of the track girls went to lift. It was a successful morning workout! On the agenda for tomorrow’s workout: taking inspiration from my friends Sara and Jeremy (Jeremy is a recent IRONMAN!) who participate in triathlons. Some of the cross-country runners are meeting at the beach, where we’ll swim, then hop on our mountain bikes and ride down the bike trail, and then finish off with a run. It’s gonna be legit! What are your favorite ways to workout? Do you love (or like) to run?

Andy successfully reported to West Point. We get to hear from him in a week or so..I can’t wait to hear how his first few weeks went! I am such a proud sister :)

More blogs are a comin’…but until then, have a very merry Wednesday :)

All for now,


P.S. I started working at Solon’s local coffee shop, Savvy. Come visit me & I’ll make you a coffee!


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