Finally! The weekend! Even in the summer with no school, weekends are special. Time to relax & rejuvenate or do just about whatever. I started off my Saturday with an..odd breakfast. There was no milk in the house, which meant no oatmeal (I make my instant oatmeal with milk, then swirl in PB; I could eat that 3 meals a day, everyday!) for breakfast. But, that was okay with me because yesterday at the grocery store my favorite brand of yogurt, Cultural Revolution, was on sale! Cultural Revolution is low-sugar, which I like, because usually yogurt is pretty darn sweet. However, it doesn’t have as much protein as other yogurts, so I’m on the hunt for the perfect yogurt that is low-sugar, higher protein! Anyways, I picked up a small container of Peach to try.

I also got a little bag of walnuts to sprinkle in. So, this morning, I had my yogurt & walnuts for breakfast. The peach yogurt was delish! I love just the hint of peach in the yogurt. This was a fairly small breakfast for me, so I decided to have a glass of chocolate milk, too. Chocolate milk? Yeah, okay, it was sure tasty: creamy, thick & chocolaty, but it didn’t go with the tartness of the peach yogurt. I chuckled at myself for combining the two; I probably won’t be doing that again :)

A little while after my breakfast had digested, I decided to get out of the house and go for a run. My run on Friday had been so great that I was excited to go for my run today!! Plus, the weather was good for running: cool, cloudy, and a little rainy. The rain really helps me stay cool during my runs. I was headed off on a different route than I normally go on, and I was pumped for the change of scenery, and for the challenge. I ended up running for an hour! It was the longest run I’ve ever been on, so I was really ecstatic, and proud of myself :)

After a quick shower, I headed into IC to meet Sara for lunch at Oasis. I had a blast! It was so fun to catch up with her, and enjoy tasty food. I ordered a chicken pita sandwich, a switch-up from the usual falafel sandwich. It was good! I even got a little surprise falafel ball in my pita :) I have to say, though, that the falafel sandwich is my fav. The next time I hit up Oasis, I think I’ll try a gyro..I’ve never had one and Sara says they’re fantastic!

Dad has been working on my room remodel today–one window in! Pretty soon I’ll have to decide what color to paint the walls…so many choices :/  It will be difficult for me to choose!

The beginning of the remodel.

The new window, eventually to be painted white.

View from the new window!

Dinner is up in the air tonight..maybe a new recipe, maybe a go-to. Who knows? Have a great weekend!



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  1. Hey! Thanks again for giong to lunch. I love to try new places!
    Nice work on your run! It always feel awesome when you hit that longest run yet mark.
    Have a good day!

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