USMA Trip, Thursday: The Drive Begins


I am back at home after a wonderful, but long, trip to West Point, New York. My dad and I drove out to the United States Military Academy (USMA) for Acceptance Day. Acceptance Day is the new cadets’ graduation from Cadet Basic Training (CBT), and the day they are officially accepted into the corp, as cadets. (I’ll have a re-cap and photos of Acceptance Day in a later post.) CBT was over the summer, where the new cadets learned basic military fundamentals, like marching, and also more interesting things, like land navigation and first responder skills. The new cadets also did PT everyday and went on road marches. Families of the new cadets are not allowed contact except by mail and a phone call at midterm. So, you can imagine how excited we were to see Andy after 6 weeks! As part of Acceptance Day, the cadet is allowed to spend the rest of the weekend with his or her family before classes begin on Monday. But first, my dad and I needed to get to USMA…

On Thursday, Dad and I headed out at 7 AM to begin the road trip to USMA. Our driving plan for that day was to go to Erie, Pennsylvania, which was a 10 hour drive. My aunt and uncle live in Erie, so we would spend the night at their house. The drive was long, but the day was beautiful, so the scenery in the car was nice. We made it to Erie around 6 PM. I was excited to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and to be done driving for the day!

After hellos and a lil’ chit chat, my cousin Allison and I hopped on bikes, and she gave me a tour of the lovely neighborhood. It was so nice to get my legs moving after a long day in the car, and the weather was breezy and cool. Allison took me to this beautiful lookout spot, where you could see Lake Erie for miles and miles. She promised to bring me back after dinner, so I could snap some shots of the sunset. After the bike ride, we had dinner, then rode back over to the lookout spot, where the sun was hidden in the clouds, but the sky was still beautiful.

After a stop at a local ice cream store (vanilla cone for me), and an episode of Project Runway, I was pooped. It was time for bed. Another day of driving awaited me the next morning!

And tomorrow…Friday’s adventures to USMA!



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