USMA Trip, Friday: Driving Day #2 + Welcome to USMA!


Ciao! I realize that it’s Thursday, and I promised today’s post for yesterday. Somehow, it just seemed to escape me. But, here is Friday’s adventures to USMA…

After a satisfying breakfast of bagels-1 half with light cream cheese, the other with PB-(I’m all for my MaraNatha PB, but once in a while, a big spoonful of Jif just hits the spot!) and fruit, Dad and I began the 6 hour drive to USMA. The drive seemed to go by pretty quickly. The scenery in Pennsylvania and New York is absolutely breathtaking. There are miles upon miles upon miles of forests, the trees stretching on as far as the eye can see. It was different than any “car ride” scenery I’ve seen. It made me happy that these areas of the United States hadn’t been industrialized–who would want to cut down those beautiful forests?!

For lunch, we stopped at a grocery store, which by chance had a HUGE natural foods section! I love finding groceries stores that support natural and organic foods!

About 3ish hours later, we were finally pulling through the gates of USMA. Dad was going to give me a quick drive-through tour of the campus before we headed to Andy’s sponsor’s house for dinner (Andy’s sponsor graciously opened his home to us for the weekend so we wouldn’t have to stay in a hotel).

The first thought that ran through my mind as we started driving around the campus was how big it was. It was like a tiny (but not really!) little town. I was expecting the campus to be much, much smaller. USMA is not only equipped with student housing, classroom buildings, recreational facilities, and a library like a normal college campus, but it also has a hospital, residential housing for teachers & staff, and two churches (along with a football stadium, baseball/softball/rugby fields & a track). The buildings, houses, and landscape of USMA are all so beautiful. The buildings are old, many of them made with gray stone; quite a few houses are made with brick. The landscape is lush & green. The campus is very well-kept & clean. USMA is a very hilly campus (the cadets sure have a tough running route!). I quickly got confused to where we were going, but luckily my dad knew his way around!

After the quick driving tour, I was a bit dazed. The campus was beautiful, yes, but a bit overwhelming; everything was new & big. But, I was excited to walk around a bit the next day.

Dad and I drove back to Andy’s sponsor’s house (Scott–his wife is Tara). We visited and had dinner. I sort of just sat back and enjoyed watching the two Army men talk about, you know, Army “stuff.” It was quite entertaining. But let me tell ya, those Army fellows can sure talk ;)

The next day was Saturday. I would finally get to see Andy!

Saturday’s events to come soon…


P.S. Look what we saw on the road:

On another trip out there I’ll have to stop by The Office :)


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