USMA Trip, Sunday: Heading Home


On Sunday, I was awakened by Dad telling me that breakfast was ready. I had been looking forward to Sunday’s breakfast all weekend. Biscuits & gravy! Fluffy, buttery biscuits topped with spicy, salty sausage and thick, creamy gravy. Definitely a comfort food! With a side of eggs & a glass of milk, I could have gone back to bed after that breakfast :) But, instead, I hunkered down with the movie Taken. It was a good thriller. The rest of Sunday went the same as Saturday; we lounged about, chatting with Andy. After a late lunch/early dinner of Shepherd’s Pie, it was time for Andy to head back to campus. First, though, we had to get some photos with the cadet!

Doesn’t he look sharp in his uniform?

Father & Son

Brother & Sister!

Geared up and ready to head back to the barracks. We walked Andy to this spot on campus after we had left Scott’s house and drove back to USMA . After hugs and goodbyes, Andy headed off; Dad and I watched him the whole way.

It was a sad goodbye, but both Dad and I are so proud of Andy. I will get to see Andy again at Thanksgiving, but there are no restrictions on communication now, so I can talk to him more often!

Dad and I decided to start heading home after we had dropped Andy off. It was a long ways home, and we wanted to get a head start on the drive. We were shocked by how much traffic there was on a Sunday evening! It was crazy. Luckily, the traffic was on the other side of the interstate, so it didn’t slow us down. We drove for about 4 hours, then stopped and rested up at a hotel. Only one more day of driving to go!

The last day of USMA’s adventures to come soon!



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