the start of something new


It is that time again: the last day of summer break. But I don’t mean to sound sullen and depressed..I am excited for school! It was even a tad bit difficult for me to enjoy my last day of vaca because I am so looking forward to Wednesday. I usually reminisce over my summer vacation the day before school starts, so this year, I decided to share my thoughts on the blog.

I had a nice summer. Now that I look back on the past couple of months, they were relaxing, even if at times I was rushing around from one thing to the next. In June, I was busy with Winning Edge camp in the morning, followed by afternoons of watching Grey’s Anatomy (seasons 2 thru 6..please don’t judge me), tutoring, baking rhubarb crisps, enjoying simple lounging at home, and working on my autobiography, a project I started for 7th grade English.  I also got together with some fellow runners and ran, while also running on my own. The last weekend in June I was lucky enough to attend the National Track and Field Championships at Drake Stadium in Des Moines with some of my close family friends. It was dang hot outside, but SO cool to see the elite athletes compete! This all seems so long ago!

July is where things began to get real busy. I started working at Savvy, the local coffee shop, tutoring was still in full swing,  I began to babysit like a maniac, and cross-country run-togethers had begun! Whew. For the Fourth, my Dad, his girlfriend Gayle, and I drove up to Wisconsin to spend the weekend at our friends’ cabin. Later in July, the three of us drove to Texas, where I spent time with my cousins, and had a fantastic time chit-chatting away with my cousin Christina, who introduced me to Bikram yoga and a bunch of new foodie ideas ;)

Quickly after Texas, as August began, I headed off to cross-country camp in Waverly, at Wartburg College. It was an intense camp, but I learned a lot about running, and myself at the camp. When I got back from camp, cross-country camp had started, and the season had officially begun. About a week after Wartburg, my dad and I started off on our USMA trip.

With the rush of traveling towards the end of July and through August, the latter part of the summer seemed to fly by. But, the summer always does. Time seems to tick-tock-tick-tock by so quickly. Every summer I ask the same question: where did summer go? I remember thinking on maybe the second week of vacation..Wow. It’s only the second week of vacation! I still have 2 months left!

I also read a few books during the summer, one of which I finished today: Eat, Pray, Love. Now I can go see the movie..James Franco anyone?! :) The past week I have been getting all of my school things together, and I feel prepared (maybe a little overprepared) for school to begin. I had a lovely, satisfying summer (even if I didn’t get to sleep in a lot!) and am ready to begin the school year with a new attitude, an open heart, and an open mind. Let junior year begin!


P.S. For an end-of-the-summer treat, Dad and I are going out to El Bandito, a Mexican restaurant he really likes, and that I’ve been anxious to try!


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