i admit…


First…I admit that it’s been way too long since my last post. Life has been busy, and blogging gets placed in the back of my mind as calc, chem, scholarship essays, ACTs, and club duties are pushed to the front. Here is a little post about my secrets, but I promise proper posts, such as this weekend’s holiday baking extravaganza and another reflection on AML, are coming soon.

1. One day, I would like to strike up the courage to play Beethoven’s “Für Elise” on the outdoor piano right outside the Iowa City Public Library, for all to hear.

2. Food secrets:  a) I love walking into the Old Capital Mall and being welcomed with the smell of Taco Bell, my favorite childhood fast-food restaurant; b) I love the smell (I like scents, it seems) of a boxed yellow cake mix (you know, the kind where all you add is water, and the ingredient list is a mile long). Please don’t judge.

3. After walking around downtown with my backpack on, filled with various school books and binders (for a mere 50 minutes), my back was absolutely screaming in protest to please take off the darn pack. Am I going to have to resort to a roller-pack for college?

4. I love taking tests or quizzes in school; while they can be daunting and stressful, I welcome the challenge they bring and enjoy the feeling of wracking my brain for knowledge.

That’s all I have for now–have a great Wednesday!



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    • Mr. Cornally,
      I am leaning towards taking Adv. Chem next semester (which would mean no SIOB), but I am very interested in reading “An Omnivore’s Dilemma.” It’s been on my books-to-read-list for a while now. Maybe I could read it along with your class–or something along those lines.

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