A different sort of post today; today, the blog is acting as my journal away from my journal…

I write this post from the school library, trying to escape the frustrating, noisy, homework-filled world of school for a few short minutes. I should be practicing for tomorrow’s  final Spanish oral exam  or reading up on how to tackle the ACT, but I need something to transport me back to the comforts of my home. Blogging is just that escape.

Today has been one of those days where I grow homesick at school, wishing to be at home with my dad instead of walking through the darkened, locker-lined hallways and sitting for long stretches of time in a desk.

I know my homesickness is sparked not mainly because of school, but by the fact that a track meet awaits me tonight: a meet that will undoubtedly take place in the pouring, chilly rain. For me, these track meet conditions intensify the stress of the track meet, as I am an extremely cold person. And when I am stressed, I only want to be at home or with my dad. I am so happy and relieved that my dad will be at the meet tonight for support and encouragement as I run the 4×8 and 4×4. I just have to keep telling myself that I can run these races and try to enter a positive, competitive, it-is-going-to-be-awesome mindset. Before I know it, the meet will be over,  I will be on the bus, almost, finally, home.

Skillet cornbread to come next…


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  1. As much as I like Solon, couldn’t they have put any effort into the interior design? Consider adding chunk bacon, scallions, or super sharp cheddar cheese to your cornbread. Or, you could go the route of caramelized honey, lime, or chile.

    • I certainly wish the hallway lights were on throughout the school day, for their darkness dampens my mood. Next time I make cornbread, I would like to try your suggestion of caramelized honey and chile. I think the sweet/spicy flavors would be interesting and balance each other well. Yum!
      P.S. Thanks for The Hobbit!

  2. Hey Abs, I hope you had a good meet tonight. Get home and take a long hot bath and have a cup of hot tea. Say hi to your dad for me.

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