a great run


It has been another busy week, and today will bring nothing to change that! In a few hours I will be dancing on stage at my ninth dance recital with National Dance Academy, performing one ballet and one jazz routine. From the recital, I will hustle home to shower and then be on my way to hair and make-up appointments to prepare for my first prom. A busy, but fun day is ahead! (And what better way to begin a busy day with some relaxing blogging?)

Today’s post is a reflection about my last track meet, which was on Thursday evening. I arrived at the track meet late due to my dance dress rehearsal. Arriving late meant missing the opportunity to run the 4×8 (the second event), which I was disappointed about because I had had a good week of 800 training and was excited to see what I could do. But, instead of the 4×8 I was to run the 400 meter dash and the 1500 meter run.

I was nervous about running the 400 meter dash, but I was also determined to put forth my best race. During the event, I did not feel smooth or quick, but looking back now I believe I ran a good race, even if my time doesn’t show it. I fought through the finish, and that’s what counts!

After the 400 meter dash, I had the 1500 meter run to look forward to. The 1500 is not in my normal track meet line-up, but it is race that I truly enjoy. In 800s and 1500s, I have time to think about my race and strategize, which I like; in 400s, it’s just go. Even though I was excited to run, I was, of course, nervous. However, I had a handful of teammates, friends, and family members at the meet to support and encourage me, but most importantly, to remind me to have fun.

As I took the starting line, I was squished in from both sides by fellow runners. Not quite four laps…how would the race go? The starting gun fired, and I was off, elbowing and pushing my way through the runners, fighting for a position towards the front. The first lap flew by; I was ahead of my pace by a good 10-15 seconds and still fighting to maintain my position. I was worried I had gone out way too fast, but there was no looking back. I told myself to just keep fighting, to keep pushing through the next two laps, for the fourth lap would take care of itself.

As the second and third laps went by, the race became more spread-out, and I found myself in the middle pack. I was still motivated to run my best time, and hearing my dad cheering at the starting line, as well as my grandpa on the third turn, motivated me even more. With two girls just a hair in front of me, I was determined to pass them, and on my final lap, turning up my speed, I did.

Crossing the finish line after a final push down the homestretch, I was overcome with happiness, exhaustion, and relief. I had run my best time by twelve seconds, taking eighth place…not too shabby for my second 1500! My dad waved me over from the sidelines and greeted me with a big hug. Later, my grandpa found me and congratulated me on a great race. I felt like I had made them both proud with my run. Most importantly, I had made myself proud.


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