a night to remember


A prom re-cap…

What a night! I had a wonderful first prom. More than the dance and post-prom party, I enjoyed getting ready (once in a while it is fun to get all dressed up!) and talking with my group members over a delicious dinner.

After my dance recital, which was enjoyable and so quick, I headed home to shower and have lunch before heading to my hair and make-up appointments. When I returned home from these appointments, I donned my prom dress, put on my earrings, bracelet, and corsage, and slipped on my shoes. After a few photos at the house, I headed over to the Grand March at the high school. There, I mingled with other prom-goers, snapping photographs and becoming increasingly more excited (and hungry) for the evening.

My group dined at Takanami, a sushi restaurant in Downtown Iowa City. I ordered miso soup for an appetizer, which was refreshing and hot (it was rather chilly in the restaurant). For sushi, I ordered my always favorite Unagi Nigiri (barbecued eel), the Spicy Salmon roll (a recommendation from my hairstylist), and the Seared Scallop roll. Both rolls were fabulous, but the Seared Scallop won me over with its mild wasabi sauce and jalapeños. I also enjoyed samples of my friends’ rolls: a Shrimp Tempura roll, Kobe Beef roll (second favorite next to the Seared Scallop roll, and Kamikaze roll. It was fun to trade rolls and be adventurous with the sushi! (Shoot. I should have taken pictures of the dinner!)

After dinner and before heading to the dance, my group and I walked to a gelato shop. I was reminded of Italy, enjoying the night air and walking to find a gelato shop after a satisfying Italian dinner. Once at Capanna, the gelateria, I was excited to see almost all of the flavors were Italian! From Stracciatella (vanilla gelato with chocolate shavings, my brother’s favorite) to Fragola (strawberry), I felt as if I was back in Italy. I sampled Dulce de Leche and Mediterranean Sea Salt with Caramel before sticking to “my Italian roots” and ordering a Bambino cup with Pistachio and Bacio (chocolate hazelnut), my Uncle Steve’s favorite gelato combination.

The dance, was, well..lame. But that was to be expected. I had my share of fun dances, yes, including “The Cha-Cha Slide”, “It’s Tricky”, “Ice Ice Baby”, and “Baby Got Back” (the latter more for singing, not dancing :) ), but I always wish the dances were full of swing dancing or ballroom dancing.

I was only planning to stay at Post-Prom for an hour or so (I am definitely not a night owl), but I ended up staying for two because of the exciting hypnosis session. For the past couple of years, a hypnotist has come to the post-prom party, and I had heard nothing but funny, intriguing stories about the hypnosis volunteers, so I had to see the action for myself. It was absolutely hilarious! Maybe next year I will volunteer…

All in all, I had a splendid first prom. I hope to have nights more often like this, filled with friends and fun.

I have a thousand thank-yous for everyone who helped make my dance recital/prom Saturday a sweet success!

Lisa McD for being my prom “assistant,” making my lovely earrings and bracelet, and supplying a last-minute cardigan; Marianne and Sandy (and Lisa McD) at Dulcinea for providing the perfect dress; Lisa E for helping me in my alterations panic; Kate E for support during my alterations appointment; Marina for her alterations work; Michelle for my terrific up-do; Abbey at Clinque for her patience and make-up abilities; Ange for the beautiful flowers and corsage; and Dad for the delightful recital gifts, corsage, and sushi.

‘Til next time,



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  1. So, SO beautiful are you Abby – and Classy! What a get-up you’ve got with that up-do and gorgeous dress!! Thanks for the pic! Your Dad is beaming in the photo:) It’s fun to hear of your good times!

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