simple summer salad


Tomorrow is the first day of July. It sounds cliché, but time goes by at lightning speed. The month of June came and went; my busy schedule undoubtedly contributed to this. My days were filled with Winning Edge (speed & agility camp), weightlifting, babysitting, working at the bakery, and volunteering at the Iowa City Public Library. It has been nice to be busy, but some days I miss the freedom and relaxation of summer. In July, my schedule will quiet down just a little, and I am optimistic that the glorious feeling of summer will sink in :)

We finally have summer weather in Iowa! The past two days have been hot, humid, and full of sunshine. Cold, refreshing salads make the perfect meal or side dish for hot days like these. Throwing together a salad is simple and also a convenient way to use up any stray vegetables in the fridge. My dad and I love to have spinach salads full of crisp, colorful vegetables; they are the perfect accompaniment to brats, burgers, chicken, or steak.

Carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, radish, and parmesan cheese were the fixings for this spinach salad. Another favorite salad add-in of mine is sprouted almonds.

Have a Happy Fourth!


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