a roller coaster day


The past few days, I feel as if I have been existing in a bubble: existing in my own world, but trying desperately to be free. I have been recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction surgery, waiting for the pain to subside and for my regular eating habits to resume. It will also be so nice to stop syringing my mouth after each meal, taking around-the-clock medication, and swishing twice-daily, bitter tasting mouthwash. I hate to sound so woe-is-me, as I have been incredibly lucky with my recovery (no swelling or bleeding), but pain is pain. And today, the fourth day out from my surgery, the pain in my mouth was incredibly bothersome. I desperately scheduled a follow-up appointment at the oral surgery office this morning, so I could receive care for my pain. The oral surgeon confirmed (I certainly had my suspicions) that I had a dry socket, which was causing the excessive pain in my mouth. The oral surgeon gave me medication for the pain, telling me it would almost instantly provide relief. Almost two hours after I received my medication, however, I still had intense pain in my mouth. At this point, I was emotionally exhausted and just wanted to be pain-free. My dad provided much-needed reassurance and a hug, and the two of us, along with Andy, sat down for dinner. Remarkably, and thankfully, after dinner (and dessert, of course: first-try, soothing tapioca pudding + one of Andy’s Muffins), there was (and still is) no pain in my mouth! I am not sure if this new pain-free state will remain, but I am hopeful; I return to the oral surgery office on Thursday for an additional follow-up appointment. I am trying to remind myself that this pain is temporary, and it will not last forever.

Blogging and an intense stair-stepper workout kept me sane today. Four posts in one day may be a little excessive, but I am so happy I have this blog as an outlet for my thoughts. Now, it is quietly raining and time for sleep; the house is quiet and everyone, my wonderful family,  is in bed.

Sweet dreams!


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  1. Awwww, yuck. Hope that mouth gets better soon so you’ll be back to enjoying your summer break;)
    Lots of Love from Texas!

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