This is my one hundredth post on la vida de frida! Tonight, I am reflecting.

The unfamiliarity of my dry socket condition-not knowing typical symptoms + strange uncomfortable-ness of the whole state-made Thursday a bit stressful and draining. I went to bed exhausted last night, and the idea of waking up at 6:00am for Friday’s cross-country run-together sounded tiring and unappealing. Plus, at some point on Friday, I needed to visit my oral surgeon, so the medicated pads for my dry sockets could be switched out before the weekend. This appointment would have to be scheduled the following day, preferably in the morning, just to be certain I would be able to have an appointment. To me, this was another reason to skip the run-together in the morning. I ended up not setting my alarm; I was going to let my body wake itself up, telling myself I not only deserved a day off from exercise, but I needed to take care of my dry sockets. Knowing me, however, I woke up at 6:24am: just enough time to “have enough time” to get ready for this morning’s run-together (throw on running clothes, take out the recycling, and have a bowl of oatmeal).  I just cannot skip practice, even though I so wanted to.

I was anticipating a fast-paced workout, but desperately wanted the workout to be an easy, recovery jog. My body just did not feel capable of hard-core running this morning. The workout turned out, however, to be a great balance of “quick” running and recovery running. It was one of the best, most enjoyable workouts I have had in a while because I not only worked my body, but I took the workout a bit easier and felt relaxed throughout almost the entirety of the workout. This morning’s run-together was very soothing for my body and mind, and I am happy I decided to go.

And, even better, I easily got an appointment with my oral surgeon (even at the hour I called) and my dry sockets feel good. Knock on wood!

Have a great night!


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  1. Sounds like everything went well for you today inspite of the feelings you had about your exercise. I hope you will sleep well tonight and tomorrow, a new day, will be one of the best you had in a long time. Take care ! Good night with love, Grannie

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