my free saturday


Today, I had planned on working at The Bakery. My position at The Bakery is in the front of the house; I help customers, take orders for cakes and pastries, run the cash register, and aid the kitchen with prep and decorating work when needed. Unfortunately, however, the owner is down-sizing (why, I am not sure) and has decided to keep only one full-time front of the house worker. I will still remain “on call,” and will work Saturdays here and there. I will also work (hopefully) Sunday mornings. The Bakery is not open on Sundays but provides pastries to a local bookstore. I will prep the Sunday pastries and possibly do other prep work, such as rolling out and baking off cookie dough. I am disappointed with the owner’s decision, as I have greatly enjoyed working at the bakery. But, I understand and am glad I am still “on call.” The search for a new job will begin soon, and I hope to score a position at a grocery store.

With an unexpected free day, I was uncertain as to how I would spend my time. The looming decision of, “Am I going to run today?” hung over me for the majority of the morning. I didn’t quite feel up for running, but it was something to do. Plus, if I went for my weekend run today, I would not have to worry about running tomorrow. I put my running shoes on, hair in a ponytail, and updated my iPod Shuffle with new, upbeat songs. Still, I didn’t have any desire to run. My dad came to my rescue and suggested I run tomorrow. The bonus? He would run with me! The idea of running with someone totally transformed my attitude about my weekend run. I am not dreading running tomorrow; I am so excited!

My days usually feel more complete and productive when I have exercised, but so far today has been enjoyable, low-key, and somewhat productive. Instead of going for a run, I have made Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, hard-boiled eggs for breakfasts and lunches (using this as a guide), completed a little housework (dishes and laundry), and blogged. My plans for the afternoon include school supplies shopping and stopping by a store to look at a possible purse purchase. A little walk may also be in store.

The decision to bake after I chose not to run today was almost instantaneous, and I also knew exactly what I wanted to bake. I love the crispy edges and slightly chewy centers of the whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies. These cookies feel wholesome and rustic, due to the whole wheat flour and dark chocolate chips. When I scoop this dough onto cookie sheets to be baked off, I don’t try to make each cookie look identical (I typically strive for uniform baked goods.). These cookies scream easy-going and simple, and are meant to be big, so fussing about shape, size, and quantity seems silly. Even though my imperfect scoops generally yield perfectly round, similar-in-size cookies (and today, the flavor was a bit off; a note on that is below), I celebrate the idea that I relaxed and was able to forgo perfection. Baking today was a truly enjoyable experience, and the recipe for whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies is definitely a keeper.

Do you see the cookie on the bottom, far left?

That one is my favorite :) It makes me laugh, as I think it looks like a smiling face with a rather large, droopy chin.

A note on the recipe for Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies: In the original blog post for this recipe, I did not (I do not usually do so.) specify whether I used light or dark brown sugar. Typically, I think either type of brown sugar can work in any recipe. However, today, I used homemade light brown sugar for these cookies, and the flavor seemed a little flat. The first time I made these cookies, I used regular (not homemade) dark brown sugar. I think using dark brown sugar yields a richer, deeper-flavored cookie, and I suggest using it! I have noted this on the original post. 

The days always seem to pass so quickly; I can hardly believe it is almost three o’clock in the afternoon! I am determined to make the most of the rest of my day off. Have a great Saturday!


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    • The exact grocery store I had in mind! Earlier in the summer, I was told they only hire employees who are at least 18 years old. However, a fellow student at Solon (a junior, not 18) works there. Hmmm…I will be investigating the situation!

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