new additions + my favorite protein shake


This post is being re-published, as I have included pictures for Abby’s Favorite (and Simple) Protein Shake. I also wanted to share a few outdoor pictures from this evening.

Hi, followers! (I am addicted to blogging today!) With posts like A Runner’s Mind and A Great Run, I hope y’all have gathered that exercising is an important aspect of my life. I am happy to announce a new addition to the blog: my Workout Log page! On this page, I will post my daily workouts. Having my Workout Log on the blog (I already log my workouts in a planner) will be a convenient, and more permanent, way for me to keep track of my daily exercise. With cross-country season almost in full-swing, the Workout Log page will also be a way for me to track my weekly mileage, along with competition goals and results. However, followers will not be notified with each daily posting; the page will simply be available for viewing. Also, another recently new addition to the blog is the Recipes page, where you can find links to all of the recipes on la vida de frida.

Abby’s Favorite (and Simple) Protein Shake

After a challenging, invigorating run or other workout, such as weightlifting, I like to refuel my body with a protein shake. However, I find protein powder very sweet. To cut some of the sweetness and add extra nutrition to my shakes, I add fresh spinach. The spinach cuts through the sweetness of the protein powder without adding a displeasing taste.

  • 8 ice cubes (Ice creates a colder, thicker shake.)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 scoop protein powder (I typically use chocolate-flavored NNW Healthy Whey Protein Powder, but I also use this same recipe with vanilla-flavored.)
  • 1-2 large handfuls fresh spinach
  1. Blend all ingredients together until ice is fully crushed and the shake is smooth.
Today’s protein shake, before being blended.
Vibrantly green, refreshingly delicious and smooth.
I am blogging tonight from outside on my porch, where shade and a pleasant breeze have somewhat dampened the hot and humid weather. The setting sun is slightly blocked by the maple tree in front of my house, giving a beautiful light to the tree’s green leaves. It is a perfect summer evening in my mind’s eye.
I am enjoying/have enjoyed the green(s) of my evening. Green is one of my favorite colors!
Have a wonderful evening!

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