a blue ribbon day


In my books, yesterday, Tuesday, wins the blue ribbon for the most beautiful day of summer. With mild temperatures in the upper seventies, gusty and refreshing breezes, and plenty of sunshine, I do not think the day could have been any more enchanting. A peacefully gorgeous day like Tuesday hints that fall is right around the corner, eager to make its coveted appearance and reprieve us from the unbearably hot days of summer.

This week, my aunt Sue and cousin Allison are visiting from Pennsylvania. They are staying at my grandma Ann’s house, so Monday evening, myself, my dad, and his girlfriend Gayle drove to my grandma’s house for a delicious family dinner of homemade spaghetti and meatballs. I enjoyed catching up with my relatives and listening to everyone’s entertaining stories. My dad and Gayle left a little while after dinner, but I spent the night at my grandma’s house, as I was planning to have a girls’ day on Tuesday with my grandma, aunt, and cousin.

The girls’ day began with breakfast and a run. My grandma offered to fix me scrambled eggs, and I ate them alongside a slice of butter and honey toast and sweet, refreshing cantaloupe. Shortly after breakfast, Allison and I headed out for a run on the nearby bike trail. Allison will soon be starting seventh grade and her first year of cross-country. I am excited that she is giving cross-country a try. I was also so  proud of Allison for her relaxed, yet determined, attitude and that she ran up a challenging, intimidating hill instead of walking :)

The rest of the girls’ day was full of shopping, pedicures, and a satisfying lunch. My grandma sweetly offered to purchase the skin care products that I needed refilled (I use the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System.), and my aunt treated Allison and I to relaxing pedicures (I could have fallen asleep!). I had an absolute ball trying on clothes at Von Maur, one of my favorite clothing stores. While I did not purchase anything, it was simply fun to slip into different dresses and twirl around :)

I had a wonderful day with my grandma, Sue, and Allison, and I cannot wait to see them again! Spending time with family = the best.


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  1. I am so happy for you, Abby. Sounds like the day was just beautful in many ways. I am sure your cousin was glad to have the time with you, too. The flowers were beautiful and as you know flowers make me feel good–truly a work of God’s creation. On a sadder note, I cut my coneflowers off since the hot summer did not treat them too well. I will get some mums to replace them so I have something blooming.
    We are looking forward to seeing you!!!!!!!
    Love, Grannie E.

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