christmas cookieathon


Last weekend, I measured, creamed, mixed, folded, scooped, rolled, baked and sprinkled 286 Christmas cookies.

I whipped up batches of Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles,


Spritz-Turned Sugar Cookies,


Molasses Spice Cookies,

and Double Chocolate Pistachio Cookies.


The Christmas Cookieathon was more or less successful. At various points throughout the weekend, I became frustrated–my (borrowed) cookie press broke and caused me to transform the dough meant to create Spritz cookies into red & green sprinkled sugar cookies (hence Spritz-Turned Sugar Cookies mentioned above)–and overwhelmed with my project, but I kept the finished products & act of giving in mind and tried to enjoy the baking process: the rich aroma of the creamed butter, brown sugar, and melted semi-sweet chocolate of the Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles and Molasses Spice Cookies (minus the chocolate), the feeling of success (however short-lived) when the cookie press produced its first beautifully shaped Spritz cookie, and the vibrant green, purple, and pink colors of the shelled pistachios. At the end of the weekend, I filled six decorative holiday tins (for my teachers) and multiple goodie bags (for friends’ Christmas gifts) with my weekend’s delicious, heartfelt efforts. I had fun putting together the cookie tins; I made my own labels and decorated the tins with festive, curly ribbon.



Now, I admit, I am a bit cookie-d out, and will more than likely be enjoying Vanilla Rum Cake & Chocolate Rum Cake (made by my friend Lisa) for my Christmas Day dessert. Christmas Eve was once again happily spent at Lisa’s home, eating warm, cheddar cheese-topped chili, homemade bread–soft & doughy, yet with a perfectly crunchy crust–spread with butter, and rum cake, as well as playing Bananagrams, Spot It!, and Telestrations. I had a wonderful evening, as always, despite my unsuccessful efforts to not fill my belly too full with yummy food. Today, Christmas Day, is a beautiful, snow-free, sunny, 43 degree day. I am spending the holiday at home (relaxing..opening presents, eating traditional Christmas Morning Breakfast of biscuits & gravy, reading, blogging, watching Once Upon A Time, chatting, and trail-walking) with my brother and dad. Although today does not truly feel like Christmas, nor has this holiday season truly felt like the holiday season (perhaps because of the weather..surprisingly, I actually do not mind no snow!), I have enjoyed the preparations and the celebrations all the same.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Your cookie baking was quite a big undertaking. The teachers who were fortunate to get your treats were happy to get them. You should enjoy relaxing today. You worked hard to enjoy the day. I am doing a bit of relaxing myself–grandpa is sleeping and whle he sleeps I catch up on various things.Our Christmas was a bit different this year, but hopefully next year we will do better. While you did a lot of the baking , I did a lot of reminiscing of years past when our family was all celebrating the day here in this lttle house. The memories are good.

    The day here is sunny and the neighborhood is quiet. Cindy and Ray stopped by this morning , Kathy and her family are returning from Albany, NY where they went to watch the Buffalo Bills, ( Aaron’s dream come true). They are returning hime today. Stephanie has been in the hospital for two weeks, she is recovering and will come home tomorrow. Jean and Glenn in MI are awating the birth of their son, Scott, and his wife, Laura’s first baby. Shawn wil be up later I think.

    Christmas presents from us will come later, i am not completely sure when, but there is something for you and Andy both. Be patient, I pray.

    Abby, for now i bid a Happy day to you. keeping the smile on your face and keep bakig.

    lLove you much,
    Grandma ckerle

    • I am glad that you had the opportunity to reminisce of years past; Christmas, I am sure, was a lively event in your house with my mom, aunts and uncle. Did each of the children make a Christmas list and have a stocking? Christmas was different for my little family, too, this year, but like you, I enjoyed remembering past Christmases when I was little. The bright colored lights on the Christmas tree, the smell of the Christmas tree (I like to stick my nose into the branches and breath deeply!), and opening bulging stockings (my favorite part of present opening) made me a bit sad, but mostly happy.

  2. I am so pleased to be one of the recipients of your tin cans. I am truly touched to be among your friends. At the end of the year I’ll do several small colleges of students I want to remember. Next to your picture I will place this blog so I have cookie pictures to remind me of one of your many talents. I’ll also include the recipe for your Molasses Spice Cookies. One of my favorites.
    Mrs. Clingerman

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