weekly workout reflection


Weekly Workout Reflection for Sunday, January 29th to Saturday, February 4th

The past couple of weeks I have put myself through physically and mentally challenging workouts in preparation for the upcoming track season. Although my workouts have been demanding and tough, I have honestly enjoyed my training for both the physical and mental benefits. However, this past week, my body and mind showed the effects of training hard: my body and mind were tired.

I completed all of my strength training workouts, but oh boy were they difficult! The physical and mental demands of this past week’s sessions put me a little over the edge: I believe I teared up at some point during all three sessions (crying in the weight room, especially at my high school, is rather embarrassing). Next week, I will approach my strength training workouts with an open mind; I do not want this past week’s experiences to cloud my future workouts. Although I completed all of this past week’s strength training workouts, I did not complete all of my cardio workouts. On Tuesday, I went for a long run outside and ended my run with four “quick feet” sprints. The speed work was the highlight of this workout, as it felt amazing to run fast on actual ground and push myself through the finish line. This run accomplished my one goal for this past week, which was to run outside. Then, on Thursday, I skipped my cardio workout; I listened to my body and took a much-needed rest day. On Saturday, I opted to complete a mild, yet engaging, elliptical workout instead of a rigorous hill or speed workout. Usually, I crave a I-will-sweat-buckets-and-grimace-to-the-finish-workout, but this past week, all I desired was rest. So, all in all, I only completed one true running workout this past week, but I am okay with my decisions, for the first day of track practice is a week from Monday, and I will be training–and training hard–for several months. The off-season is the best time to take a little break.

My goal for the coming week:

  • Listen to my body; I would like to complete a few challenging running workouts to keep my body in check as the track season rolls around, but more importantly, if I need a day of rest, I want to be able to accept that fact and take a rest day without feeling guilty.

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  1. Sounds like you have it all in order. very good, Abby. You are a very good organizer and that is worth alot. Also, you discipline yourself to strive to do your very best. Maybe you could blow some of that energy down my way. But maybe I am just a mite older and just don’t have the energy that a young athlete like you have. I still maintain my strength and energy of taking care of grandpa. He had a good day and ate quite well.

    So keep on training and by spring you will be ready forever you need to do. by the way did you have any snow this weekend? We didn’t but it was a rainy two days.

    Have a good day and let me know the next planning stage.

    Love you much
    Grandma E.

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