my Lenten intentions


I want to share my Lenten intentions on la vida de frida because it solidifies them, and the blog can be a way for me to reflect on my journey and progress. Lent is a season for personal sacrifice and reflection to not only grow closer to oneself but God as well. This Lent, my personal sacrifices include giving up dessert-like foods and Google Reader. Additionally, I have decided to attend a weekly class at my church called “Living the Mass.” This class explores what actually occurs during the Mass. I am excited to learn about this important aspect of my faith, and I hope that this class will lead me to better engage in, experience, and appreciate the Mass. Also, Lent marks the beginning of my effort to eat more, as I believe that I need to gain some weight to be a healthier individual. Unlike my other intentions, this intention will go beyond the forty days of Lent. (I suppose this last intention slightly contradicts my first intention, but I will have to find a way to “make up” my dessert calories!) 

Why dessert-like foods? I decided to give up dessert-like foods because eating dessert (after dinner) has become a daily habit of mine. Often times, I do not actually crave dessert after dinner, but I eat it anyway because it has become a nightly event. Also, I really enjoy sweets, so giving up dessert-like foods will be a challenge for me. I am abstaining from all dessert-like foods (including muffins and quickbreads, as I often eat these for dessert) at all times throughout the day. I hope that from this Lenten intention, I will learn to listen to my body and make more conscious decisions when it comes to dessert. I will allow myself to have dessert-like foods on Sundays, as Sundays are optionally “exempt” from Lenten sacrifices, and on my trip to Panama (which falls during Lent); I want to be able to fully explore the culture of Panama and enjoy myself.

So far, I have made one exception to this Lenten intention: On Wednesday–Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent–, I baked my first loaf of gluten-free pumpkin bread. This baking endeavor was part of a project I am working on for my P.E. independent study. I have been eating this quickbread, but only as a before or after track practice snack–not for an after-dinner dessert (and, to be honest, I will more than likely have a piece or two more). To truly follow my Lenten sacrifice, I could have baked this bread on Sunday and only sampled and eaten the bread on Sunday. However, I shied (and have shied) away from my intention, and I succumbed to the exciting experience of gluten-free baking, which, as a baker and foodie, includes eating the finished product.

Why Google Reader? I (finally) decided to give up Google Reader because, like dessert, it has become a daily habit. I check my Google Reader feed when I “need to fill time” or have “nothing else to do.” I feel that I could use the time I spend checking and reading my Google Reader feed to read a book or communicate with those around me; instead of following various bloggers’ lives day-by-day, I want to be more concerned with what is happening in my own life and community. Also, sometimes, I feel that using Google Reader is a mindless activity, and I never like how I feel after mindlessly using the Internet. Like giving up dessert-like foods, I hope that from this Lenten intention I will make more conscious decisions when it comes to using Google Reader and technology. I also hope that I will start reading actual books more. I will allow myself to check my Google Reader feed on Sundays, and using a blog for a recipe or article is a-okay.

I am excited (!) to embark on my Lenten intentions!


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  1. Abby, It is difficult to put into words my feelings about your Lenten sacrifices. I think attending the weekly class about attending Mass is a wonderful thing to do–too many people ignore the changes but with time prayer and study willl help many how to understand the Mass better. This is definitely a way of growing spiritiually and this learning will grow as you grow.

    When I was a child my siblings and I would discuss what we would do for Lent. We gave up any sweets we liked but on Sundays we allowed ourselves to splurge. We would pray evening prayers together with my oldest brother leading the way. Yet, we also did things on our own. We would attend evening Lenten devotions and prayed the Stations of the Cross. My one brother did this–He took a split piece of wood and knelt on it to say his evening prayers. He is now85 years old and has been a hard worker all his life.

    For you, the Lent you have chosen for yourself is great. However, eat enough to maintain proper health for with your activities you will need strength and much energy. And I know you will do that.
    Grandpa and I are praying together morning prayers and in the afternoon we have the stations of the cross which I pray aloud and he listens.

    Abby, I love your Lentens intentions, and God will be with you as you make this Lenten journey.

    Love you much, Grandma Eckerle

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