graduation day: the party and beyond


When I arrived at my graduation party, which was at my house, following the graduation ceremony, guests had already arrived. For the next three hours or so, I was a single-gal receiving line; I greeted and talked with many, many guests, which was fun and exhausting. Overall, however, it was wonderful to see and chat with the people in my life, from those I see regularly to those I rarely see.

The food at my party was pulled pork sandwiches, three varieties of BBQ sauce, baked beans, and coleslaw from The Pit, fruit salad, my mom’s deep dish brownies, and cake from Deluxe Cakes and Pastries.

After my party wrapped up, I went to three of my friends’ parties. When I returned home, I spent the rest of Graduation Day curled up on the couch, eating left over baked beans and fruit salad and my friend Maja’s mom’s Molasses Cake, while opening a few of my graduation presents. As I began opening my graduation presents and remembering the guests that attended the party, I felt, and still feel, very blessed and thankful to have so many kind, supportive people in my life.

Graduation Day was a truly, truly wonderful day.

I did it!


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