summer bucket list


Abby’s Summer Bucket List

1. Get together with…

  • One of my best friends from high school, Sophie (Sophie lives in a different town than I do, so we don’t see each other as much as we’d like. She is attending a different school than me in the fall, so I want to spend time with her this summer!) Check! Sophie and I have gone on a nature walk, out for lunch and shopping, and to one of her old cross country team’s summer run-togethers.


  • Two of my best friends from elementary school, Keely and Raelyn (Keely is attending a college in Iowa, and Raelyn is attending a university in Arizona! We call ourselves the Three Musketeers, and I want to reunite before we really go our separate ways in the fall!) Check! Keely, Raelyn, and I met up to talk at a coffee shop/restaurant one afternoon (Well, Raelyn did most of the talking, but she was very entertaining!). 
  • The girls on my cross country team from last season I never specifically got together with these girls, but I have seen and chatted with all of them at cross country run-togethers and practice.
  • My friend Sara of Sara B Consulting Check! I visited Sara, her husband, and their son for about a day. During my visit, I attended a CrossFit class that Sara teaches; Sara, her husband, and I ate lunch at Whole Foods, and after lunch, Sara and I shopped in the store; and Sara, her son, and I explored a unique specialty shopping district near her home.
  • My high school biology teacher Check! I went over to my teacher’s house one morning, and along with her daughter, we baked My Favorite Zucchini Bread. My teacher also made a recipe from Jessica Seinfeld’s modern, yet retro, fun cookbook Deceptively Delicious for lunch.

2. Finish writing my Graduation Day Mini-Series Check!
3. Write the Senior Year chapter in my autobiography Check!
4. Run the Bix at 6 (twice) + the Bix 7 Check!
5. Run the Solon Beef Days 5k Check!
6. Enter the Johnson County Fair Pie Baking Contest Check! See this blog post for more details.
7. Go to The Machine Shed for one of the restaurant’s famous cinnamon rolls Check! On a weekend visit to my grandparents’ house, I went to The Machine Shed for Sunday breakfast with my grandparents and their friends. The Machine Shed’s cinnamon rolls are absolutely gigantic, but I did not think they were the “Best Cinnamon Roll I Ever Ate” (what I was expecting). I liked the frosting, but the rolls lacked, in my opinion, a warm, cinnamon-y, “goo.” (I missed the goo from Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls!)
8. Visit Grinnell, Iowa, to spend time with my friend Howard and to explore the town I never visited my friend Howard or explored the town of Grinnell. However, I really enjoyed the time I spent with Howard when I was in Grinnell for the Fourth of July. This Summer Bucket List item will just have to happen in the future.

To be continued, I’m sure!

*Update 7/13/12: 9. Learn how to French braid my hair Check!

Having a Summer Bucket List kept me busy and away from boredom, and it felt great to feel like I was accomplishing things this summer. However, in the future, I want to focus on just being instead of feeling like I have to do something.


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  1. Very good, Abby. You’ve had a busy summer. And when do you become a college stuDent?
    It is nice and cool in Mo and everyone is heading bACK TO SCHOOL EXCEPT gRANDMA. i WILL MISS EVERYONE.



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