where i am now


I know it’s been forever and then some since my last post, but I really don’t feel like recapping the time since then. I’d rather share be contemplative about and share with you where I am now.


Hand-On-Hip is my favorite pose. Please know, “selfie shots” only on vida.

Now, I am nineteen years old, recently finished with my freshman year of college, recently returned from an almost-three-week trip to Switzerland, Italy, and Finland, and currently figuring out what I want to do and who I want to be.


I am now more recognizable to myself with my new glasses than without. #oneofmybestacquirementsever

I developed eating habits my freshman year that, to anyone that knows my slender frame, were “nothing to worry about.” But to me – me who knows my eating habits and myself the best – they were something to worry about. Not because they caused me to gain weight, but because their nature was emotional. I ate because I had the easily accessible opportunity to eat, I ate for motivation, I ate when I needed comfort, I ate to celebrate.

I love food. I love to eat, I love to bake, I love like to cook, I love to “food style,” I love to photograph. These loves will never change, but I am just now truly beginning to understand, appreciate, and yes – love that food is fuel. Now, I am focusing on mixing together my pure love of food with the truth that what I put into my body nourishes and sustains me, for the short and long-term. Food makes me happy, and I am finally realizing that it’s okay if it does.

I am putting myself through three weeks of mindful eating. After the school year and after my trip, I felt that my body needed a break. A break from over eating, refined sugars, salt, white flour, fatty meats, and processed products. With one week down, I have had a few slip-ups, and exceptions to my plan have to be made because I am living at home for the summer (My brother is home, and he, well, doesn’t think too highly of “vegetarians.” I am okay with these exceptions because it’s easier on my dad and my brother, and they teach me to enjoy in small quantities.). I am encouraged to keep going, though, and concerning exercising, too.

My three weeks of mindful eating is to give my body a break and introduce me to truly mindful eating. These two blogs, Cooking a la Mel and Sprouted Kitchen, are inspiring me right now.

What’s inspiring you?


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