thoughts of the day


This afternoon, my dance instructor asked each dancer in the studio to state when she was the most comfortable and when she was the most uncomfortable. My answers were half truths, but since my ballet class, I have thought about my full truth answers. I think soul searching is good for me.

When I am most comfortable, I am in my pajamas – a large T-shirt (probably stolen from Andy) and boxers (don’t worry – not stolen from Andy) in the summer plus a large sweatshirt and baggy sweats – preferably my matching sweats from eighth grade track – if the air is on and I’m chilly, or large, matching “long” pajamas  in the winter plus matching socks and a large sweatshirt (again, preferably eighth grade track or Texas Orange Solon). My face is free of make-up, I’m wearing my glasses, and my hair is down, damp from an earlier shower. I’m cuddled up on the couch in my living room at home, watching a movie with Dad.

When I’m the most uncomfortable, I’m in a dance studio, not knowing what to expect and about to dance with girls I have never danced with before. This scenario wins because the heart-pumping nervousness it has caused is because of insecurity – an insecurity of not being at the same level as the other dancers and an insecurity of being “watched.” For me, this nervousness is different than what I felt before racing or giving a speech.

Whew. Talking Typing things out is pretty cleansing.

When are you the most comfortable? When are you the most uncomfortable?


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