break time


This morning, a little while after breakfast, I decided to go to one of Iowa City’s most popular coffee shops, The Java House. I wanted to get some work done – a paper, written in Spanish, about a common language “myth” – and I knew I would get more done at The Java House than at my house.

After munching on a cinnamon roll, sipping coffee, and working on my paper, I needed a little break. Lately when I need a break from studying, I have been trying to do something relaxing, therapeutic, and worthwhile – I have been trying to journal or write a quick blog post like this one – instead of using my phone to check Facebook, Feedly, Instagram, and other social media sites. Browsing my social media sites makes me feel like I am not using my break time beneficially, as I hardly ever feel satisfied after doing so. I love social media sites for the “connection” and creativity they can bring, but I want to be more proactive about using them consciously instead of whenever, wherever.

And that’s all for now – it’s time to get my hair cut!


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