winter break


About one week of Winter Break remains (okay, eleven days), and like I always, inevitably wonder as a break is coming to its end, why has it passed so quickly?

I wish I had not worked at all over break, instead having seemingly endless time to read, bake, and complete my To Do List for break. [Last night, as I hungrily devoured the last seventy or so pages of my book (The Paris Wife), I imagined myself on a beach, lying on a beach chair, shaded by an umbrella, reading my fourth book of my vacation. That’s what I want – two glorious, relaxing weeks all to myself in a small beach town (Italy? Spain?) with nothing to do except read, eat, sleep, see my skin become darker and my hair blonder, walk the streets of the town, and go on day trips if I feel like exploring.] Oh, but what can I do now except try to make the most of the rest of my break?


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